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Welcome to Georeno Group’s website. We hope you will find it an informative and valuable tool in your experiences with our company. Please explore our site to learn more about us, what we do, and who are our partners and clients. In the United States, the Georeno Group of companies offers a comprehensive array of financial and technological services to private, corporate and government clients. At Georeno Group, we are committed to our core ideology of making our people and our clients prosper. We strongly believe in our core values of integrity, commitment to excellence and respect for individuals. We strive to mold the organization on the rigor and principles of those core values, that are the cornerstone of all our consulting services. We pride ourselves in delivering high quality solutions and services to our clients.

Unlike many of our competitors, whose genesis is sales or marketing, we have and continue to build our company on service excellence. With Georeno Group, clients have a consulting partner they can truly count on, delivering exceptional results expeditiously.

Financial services provided by Georeno Group include business development, managed accounts, investment management, alternative investments, financial planning, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic planning. We offer diverse solutions to satisfy your needs.

Our Diamond Client Services (DCS) caters to the most exacting client necessitating precision strategies and tactics. Once you retain Georeno Group, we move at lightning speed to tackle crisis management strategies with the resources to implement those strategies. For our longterm DCS clients, you have an assigned team leader as your partner. Both singular crisis management clients and the clients who retain our services annually attest to our abilities and unsurpassed discretion.

Our technology services division provides a complete life cycle of technology planning, installation, development and maintenance. We develop and implement web, internet, software and hardware solutions. We specialize in forensic services and electronic security (AES-256 encryption/decryption services).

If you feel Georeno Group can be of assistance to you or your organization, please contact us.

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Venture Capital Funding*

* – After Georeno Group Acceptance


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Any Questions?

Predominately, we invest in FinTechs with completed business models targeting a large addressable market. We also have experience in retail startups.
Depending on the fundraising needs of the startup we will typically invest US$150K – US$1M per venture.
We have had project in the US, EU and Asian markets.
You do to need to be generating revenue before applying; however, you will need an MVP before applying if you are pre-revenue.
Typically include who are the founders and key personnel, the product and services and the size of the addressable target market.Include as much additional information you care to share.
We prefer to avoid preparing VC funding proposals. It is an expensive undertaking usually reserved for diamond clients.
We believe in capturing young startups who haven’t scaled enough to access institutional capital. We share an appreciation for building sustainable businesses.
We are generalist investors with a core set of visions for the future. Character and dedication to a venture by its founders and key people is as important as the financial projections and market size.
Primarily, valuation was appropriate for the growth investment stage. PMF (Product Market Fit) was evident when we invested
Founders must be able to communicate their value quickly and heavy churn solved quickly. We have discovered that over-investment masks underlying issues in a business.
  • Customer acquisition advantages
  • Large and growing market
  • Passionate key personnel
  • Strong defensible margins
  • Scalability
  • Multiple potential paths to exit
  • Poor historical use of funds
  • Tech relying on 3rd party data access
  • Incremental solutions in crowded markets

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